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Skincare with Marine Extracts.

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Kelp and its environment

Sea Kelp (Ecklonia Radiata) is rich in trace elements, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. It grows in undersea forests here in New Zealand’s pristine waters and is an important marine resource and habitat. So precious is the kelp that harvesting is restricted to license holders and it may only be gathered when it naturally comes ashore. Kelp Research 1
Karuhiruhi 1 The sun rises on the remote East Cape of New Zealand’s North Island – here we are first in the world to see the new day. Picture a quiet inlet on this remote Cape, the pristine waters of the southern Pacific Ocean lapping a rocky shore watched over by a stately karuhiruhi (pied cormorant), his feathers gleaming in the sun. Imagine a stormy night, the waves crashing on the shore casting our precious sea kelp ashore. As the storm passes and the karuhiruhi returns, follow the pathway trodden by generations of local people, and gather this precious storm tossed kelp, fresh from the sea.
This is typical of the places our seaweed is gathered from as we start the process of making our seaweed extract, an extract developed especially for us.  Hidden Inlet 1
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