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Skincare with Marine Extracts.

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This is all about what  makes us feel alive, refreshed, renewed and inspired - it can be fun, it can be news, it can be products - keeping you in the loop and in the know as Obiqo grows...


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Untitled-123 Capital Magazine - May 2016-372 Recommendations for Mothers Day - May 2016

NZ Herald Viva Magazine, Mar 20th 2014
Reel them in: Oceanic inspired skin care
" Marine ingredients are increasingly finding favour across the anti-ageing skincare industry, but these products stand out..."more

NZ Herald Viva Magazine Mar 20th 2014
Bounty of the sea
"...marine ingredients have been used in beauty products for thousands of years and modern research enables us to understand why the skin responds so well to them..." more
Tommy's Issue 187 September 2013 
“…Phillippa set up Obiqo, a skin care range which uses natural marine actives, and includes extracts of unique New Zealand botanicals (kowhai leaf, pohutukawa flowers and manuka leaf ), plus kiwi fruit extract, herbs and sweet almond and apricot oils….read more
Zest Supplement Wednesday 27th Feb..."Obiqo Smoothing Eye Cream....has a lovely texture...includes marine nutrients....I am keen to try more Obiqo products as I found this to be very good..." 
Feb 2013 issue
Bumper Budget Beauty Special - and our Hydrating Mist Toner featured in the 'gold' section
"Marine biology
Inspired by the sea, New Zealand-made Obiqo utilises nutrient-rich sea kelp with botanicals in a range of beautiful, nourishing skincare...."
Read Megan Robinson on 22nd January 2013
"It’s no secret that the sea offers an impressive bounty of beneficial beauty properties and Obiqo combines these natural extracts to deliver a luxurious skincare range made right here in New Zealand...more

"...from the first pump of the Protective Day Cream SPF15...I was hooked.."
Gracie Stewart in her article Product Love: Obiqo Skincare
" Skin Care company Obiqo (meaning vital, rejuvenating, refreshing)...has formulated skin care products that incorporate the wealth of the sea...." 
Read what Grayson Coutts, leading New Zealand make up artist, says about our Obiqo products in NZGirl
Obiqo, skincare inspired by the sea....
combines ...natural extracts to deliver a luxurious skincare range made right here in New Zealand...full article
"This skincare range ticks all the boxes for me...(it) leaves your skin feeling absolutely lovely..." Linda Hall. Indulge 3 Lifestyle, 22 December 2012...full article

May/June 2012
Obiqo’s Restoring Night Cream
and Protective Day Cream SPF15
featured in NZ Made Favourites

Out & About with Maily
24th March 2012
(Obiqo’s) entire range is rejuvenating
and refreshing (and) the Restoring
Night Cream did wonders for my skin!
NZ Herald“Viva”
Fresh Start
11 January 2012
“...nutrients harvested from
New Zealand sea kelp are at
the heart of Obiqo’s distinctive offering..." more
Remix Magazine.jpg

Marine Beauty - our Restoring Night Cream featured in the latest Remix Magazine (Remix 69).


Marine Ingredients Heralded 

Beauty Trend Watch looked at "...flagbearers for key trends, new formulas and delivery mechanisms"...in the New Zealand Herald on Wednesday 24th November  and highlighted Obiqo's day cream  "Nutrient rich sea kelp from New Zealand is part of the marine extract mix used in this smart-looking, small skincare range from a Wellington company ...The toning mist is a lovely pairing with this day cream which works well under makeup."...more


Guide to Marine Magic!

WellingtonGuide October 2010.jpg Wellington Guide (October 2010) referred to our products as 'marine magic' "...take the finest European marine anti-ageing extracts, combine them with organic French sea lavender;add a splash of New Zealand's very own nutrient-rich sea kelp and what do you have... the foundations of Obiqo..."  
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