About Us

ō’bi’qō a. & n. 1. n. skincare inspired by the sea, with nourishing, moisturizing, anti-ageing natural marine extracts. 2 a. vital, rejuvenating, refreshing, uplifting, restorative, essential, hence - obiqo moment, (colloq) time out of the day reserved for self. A point of stillness in a busy life.
A breath of fresh air in the beauty world,  Obiqo is a sea-inspired skincare range created by Kiwi, Phillippa Fletcher.

Phillippa Fletcher

At Obiqo we combine the traditional and natural with the contemporary and some of the latest developments in marine extracts and the result is fabulous skin care based on sustainable and responsible use of our marine bounty.

Our specialised range of sea-inspired skincare combines the long-established tradition of using marine extracts in quality skincare with the rich nutrients of pure New Zealand seaweed.

All your requirements for a basic face care regime are here – scrub, cleanse, tone, protect and nourish - enjoy!

High quality formulation and manufacturing, and luxurious, internationally exciting packaging completes Obiqo skincare products. 
Obiqo skincare combines the best of New Zealand's natural bounty with sophisticated marine extracts creating a new tradition of marine based skincare.
Imagine the sensation of walking beside a shining sea as the day begins. 
That’s Obiqo. Alive. Refreshed. Renewed. Inspired.