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Marine Ingredients

We are committed to using natural and naturally derived ingredients but sometimes the carefully considered use of other ingredients will enable us to offer a more effective product – our day cream with the essential sun protection factor for example.

Sea Kelp is rich in trace elements, minerals, vitamins and amino acids, and has been used in beauty and health treatments for many centuries.
In our products we use New Zealand common kelp (Ecklonia Radiata) which grows in abundant undersea forests around the pristine waters of New Zealand's remote East Cape. To protect and sustain this important marine resource and habitat, harvesting is restricted to license holders, and the kelp is gathered when storms toss it ashore. The carefully harvested kelp is rain washed and sun dried before gentle, natural treatment to produce an extract made especially for Obiqo.



Sea Lavender is a coastal plant which grows in soils with a high salt content, and has developed a resistance to harsh environmental conditions including dehydration. Our sea lavender peptides are rich in polyphenol anti-oxidants which are known to search out and destroy free-radicals that can cause skin damage and pre-mature skin ageing. 
The sea lavender we use is farmed in France with the use of non GMO biological pest management and harvested under the supervision of the local agricultural authorities. The plant materials are certified 100% natural by ECOCERT (an international organic certification body represented both in the EU and in 70 other countries). The process to extract the peptides is natural, gentle and solvent free.
Marine Elastin Peptides contribute to skin regeneration, combating slackening, wrinkles and fine lines. Protecting the skin’s elastin is essential to maintaining the flexibility and firmness of skin. The elastin peptides also act as an anti-oxidant helping to slow skin ageing by combating oxidative stress.
Our marine elastin is extracted from by-products of managed fisheries and represent a sustainable use of marine resources. The extraction of the elastin is achieved by an enzymatic reaction without the use of solvents.

Marine Collagen Hydrolysate plays an important part in maintaining optimal skin hydration and promotes skin firmness and radiance. It also has anti-oxidant factors helping to protect the skin against environmental elements and ageing.
Our hydrolysed marine collagen, which is extracted from by-products of managed fisheries, nourishes, regenerates and protects the skin. A product of sustainable marine resourcing, it is recovered by an enzymatic reaction without the use of solvents.
Hyadisine® a natural marine extract obtained by fermentation of microbial marine organisms. This is an exciting new bio-active ingredient based on non GMO organisms. The exopolysaccharides have a high water retaining capacity which encourages a long-lasting moisturizing effect and wrinkle reduction.
Hyadisine® is a registered trademark of Lipotec, S.A.

When you experience Obiqo, you’re experiencing the vital beauty of New Zealand enriched by the finest natural anti-ageing marine extracts. Our marine ingredients in combination with sweet oils and herbal extracts offer a rich sensory experience. A full list of the ingredients we use to create such a unique sensation is found on the packaging of each individual product.